5 Super Profitable DIY Home Renovations Tips

DIY Home Renovations

DIY Home Renovations - 10 Important questions you should ask yourself first.

If you are going to jump right into your first DIY Home Removations project here’s 3 super profitable home reapair- do it yourself tips, that’ll make your DIY home improvement project just that much more profitable.

You have to remember when we’re talking DIY home remodelling, there is the right way, the wrong way and the smart way. So here’s some super profitable tips to do everything the right smart way.

These tips could save you a packet of money and hours and hours of time!

Tip 1: Remember Your Target Buyer at All Times

Keep your target buyer and their needs and priorities foremost in your mind as you renovate.  Remember that it is the ultimate buyer you are renovating for – not yourself!

Tip 2: Get Your Insurance in Place

As I have mentioned previously, before any work starts, make sure your insurance is in place and that you’re covered for the replacement of the building, contents and most importantly, that you have public liability.

Tip 3 : Start Outside and In Front

If the weather is fine, start your renovation outside because inside jobs can be done whether or not it’s raining. Also, it’s a great idea to start outside in the front to do landscaping, rendering, painting, etc. because these tasks will get people’s attention and may generate some early interest in the property.

Lawns and plants can take time to establish so it’s best to get these growing as early as possible.  At the same time, major interior structural changes can be done by your tradesmen, and it’s best to stay out of their way by working outside.

Of course, remove any rubbish (inside as well) that needs to go. On the outside, this could include anything from unwanted fencing to sheds in bad condition to tyres to…you name it. Whatever the rubbish is, you definitely want it off the property ASAP so it doesn’t create a bad impression on potential buyers!

Tip 4: Do Dirty Jobs First!

Inside, make sure you do all the “dirty” jobs first. This can include moving or adding walls, removing old wallpaper, tiles, floor coverings, appliances re-plastering, scrubbing*, changing windows and so on.

*Remember, sometimes a good scrub can unexpectedly bring things back to a new condition!

Tip 5: Have “Plan B’ Ready

Always have a contingency plan ready in case things don’t go as planned. Remember, you want to stay on time and within budget. So, monitor your progress constantly so you can adjust accordingly.

For example, if you find that you’re running out of funds, then cut the amount of work to a minimum. Or, do more DIY to save money. Or scout for cheaper materials, etc. There are many ways in which you can save funds through a little practical and creative thinking.

And this is just a small taste of the tips you could have in your fingertips in the next 5 minutes. The Renovations Quick Cash Profits Systems is packed full of tips, advice, blueprints and profitable actions steps you need to take to to make your DIY home renovations a success.

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