Five Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

Home Improvements That Add Value

It’s important that you are familiar with the best home improvements that add value to your home, increase value and make your whole home improvement and remodelling project profitable for you. This way, you will be able to identify opportunities when you see them.

When you’re deciding what to do in terms of renovating a property, the main thingtoremember is that you want to tackle improvements which add far more “perceived value” than they actually cost.

What do I mean by “perceived value?” Well, they’re improvements that are very visible, noticeable, and highly valued by your potential buyers. In short, it’s anything that gets them emotional and excited about the property. I’ll talk about those improvements in a moment.

However, you also want to spend the minimum amount in making these “perceived value” improvements. Sometimes, it’s far too easy to overspend, simply because you get emotionally involved in a project.

So, always keep this motto in mind:

Every dollar I overspend comes out of my potential profit; every dollar saved adds to my profit!

Okay, let’s look at 5 best ways to add value to a property!

1.  Add car accommodation.

Here I’m talking about a garage or carport. Before you go ahead with this improvement, consult with your agent and research your area to make sure you’ll add more value than expense.

2.  Repair/replace tile floors and splashbacks.

There’s nothing uglier than old, chipped or cracked tile floors (not to mention a safety hazard). So, repair them or replace them altogether if required. It’ll add substantially to the perceived value of the property.

3.  Modernise fixtures and fittings.

It’s amazing how new light fixtures and/or new bulbs and fittings can add perceived quality to a house. Plus, they’re cheap and easy (in most cases) to install.

4.  Create a new room.

You can often create a new room simply by adding a wall. For example, you can convert a bedsitter to a one bedroom unit by adding a wall. That way, the property is actually reclassified and, therefore, has more perceived value.

5.  Create more light.

Light is vital to selling any house. It helps you create an airy and pleasing mood. So, remove heavy drapes, add a skylight, change windows to clear glass, remove trees, add better and brighter lighting, etc.

There’s many more ways to add value. In fact in our Renovation Quick Cash Profits System I reveal 15 best ways to add value Plus you’ll discover what things never to touch as they’ll just suck your bank account dry.

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