Benefits of Using a Home Renovation Guide

Home Renovation Guide

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Renovation is complex and having a home renovation guide is important.  Guides can be people or printed materials.  If you don’t do the renovation yourself, having a set of guidelines and suggestions help you figure out what you want done. When doing a project, check lists will help you stay on track or remind you what is next.  A home renovation guide is indispensable when learning how to incorporate new technologies or techniques into your projects.

Some people learn better from people, others do well with print.

A home renovation guide can be the contractor you’ve partnered with for your remodel project , an accessibility advisor or a design consultant.  Being open to discussion with your contractor about how to accomplish your renovation goal can lead to unique solutions and savings as a result of his experience. Having an occupational therapist review your home and plans when the renovation is motivated by special needs can result in modifications you had not thought of.

The internet is full of renovation project guides that can be downloaded for the DIY project.  Some include detailed instructions for every step of the process from gathering your initial ideas to the final permit inspection. Others are brief checklists. You can find whatever you need searching with the words ‘home renovation guides’.

A home renovation guide for accommodating disabilities can supply lots of ideas on what can be done.

As the aging population increases the need to modify homes for people with disabilities is getting greater.  People want to stay in their homes and they can if some renovations are made. Help in planning such renovations can be found on the internet.  Two examples are:

  • The ADA Accessibility Guidelines can be used as your home renovation guide to widening doorways and lowering cabinets.  It provides the detailed measurements needed to accommodate wheelchairs and reach ranges for counters.
  • Information and floor plans for making kitchens, bathrooms and the rest of the house accessible can be found on the Center for Universal Design website free of charge.

A green home renovation guide provides ways large and small to do the job in an earth-friendly way.

Green renovation projects can range from installing programmable thermostats to using native plants when doing a landscaping renovation.  By going through a green home renovation guide, you can pick and choose which projects you want to incorporate in your home.  It’s been proven that energy consumption can be lowered 30-50% by remodeling green. The improved quality of the indoor air when using materials and techniques outlined in the guidelines is a huge benefit for all inhabitants but especially for those with allergy and asthma issues.

Renovations are complicated and can be expensive. Whether you use a design consultant, your contractor or guidelines from the internet, having some kind of guide is wise.  Through the use of a home renovation guide specific to your goals, you get ideas, a broader understanding of what can be done and help on how get the desired results from your project.

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