Thinking About a Home Renovation Loan?

Home Renovation Loan

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Unless you’re buying a property outright for cash (unlikely in most cases), you’ll need to seek a home renovation loan. So you’ll have to contact a bank to gain a home improvement loan or, another type of financial institution, or a private lender.

But they all pretty much do the same job… finance your home improvement.

Now, it’s a fact of life that at the time of writing credit has tightened considerably due to the impact of the Global Financial Crisis.

What does that mean for you, as a borrower? Well, it means that lenders are going to look much more closely at your ability to repay any loan. It also means that some lenders may have reduced the loan to value ratios (LVR) permitted for such loans.

Bottom line: It may be harder to get funding for your renovation project than it used to be but if you approach it the right way, you’re more likely to be successful.

To help you through the process, I describe steps below to make the whole matter go much more smoothly.

Step 1: Apply Before You Buy

This step is absolutely necessary because it lets you accomplish several things.

First, of course, it confirms that you can get the money you need for any renovation project.

Second, it lets you know what your borrowing limits are. Third, it allows you to move fast when you find a good property for renovation

Therefore, work with a lender right up front and get at least verbal approval for a loan.

Step 2: Shop for a Loan

The best approach to shopping for a loan starts with you. By that, I mean remember that bankers aren’t remote “gods” who determine your fate. They’re businesspeople like yourself, and they need you as much as you need them. After all, they make money by loaning it!

So, approach any lender with confidence and the idea that you want the loan that best suits your individual needs. It helps to have clear objectives about your projects. This accomplishes two purposes:

One, it makes it easier for the lender to understand the purpose of the loan. And, two, clear objectives impress lenders; it tells them that you’ve thought through your business plan and aren’t just “winging it.” In other words, it tells them you’re a professional, not an amateur.

Of course, shop around for the best rates, but also look for a lender you can work well with. If you build a good relationship from the beginning, it’ll make things much easier in the future.

So, how do you shop for a loan? Well, you have two avenues in the financial institution world: You can apply directly to a bank or a lending institution, or you can use a mortgage broker. Let’s look at each of these sources in turn.

Applying Directly to a Lender

Lenders are risk-averse. That is, they want to minimise the risk to themselves as much as possible. One way to minimise that risk is to look at your track record in terms of credit, etc.

So, if you’ve already taken out loans and have a clean history of paying them on time, you’re a step ahead! Lenders love this kind of background because it builds confidence in them that you’ll be able to repay any loan they give you.

This is just a start… there is much more to the whole process of gaining a good loan that will be profitable for your project. And all this is discussed and revealed in the Renovating Quick Cash Profits System.

On top of home renovation loan tips you’ll discover everything there is to know about finance and making your investment a profitable one.

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